General Cargo

International shipments anywhere in the world

Since 1994 we have been managing General Cargo international shipments all over the world. Our ability to organize ad hoc shipments, allows us to identify the most effective solutions even for non-standard material, for example for perishable products (such as pharmaceuticals), spare parts for air vehicles or special machines, electronic components, 'flash' supplies for sudden depletion of stocks of commercial products.

We are members of the WCA Family, one of the major networks of international agents for General Cargo, and of AiO Logistic Network; In other words, we can count on the collaboration and assistance of over 4,000 correspondents all over the globe, guaranteeing a "step by step" service during all the phases of the shipment.


General Cargo
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We have daily relations with the major maritime companies and consolidators to offer our customers the best economic choice and timing.



As IATA Agents, we have access to the best fares for airline booking. We are ENAC Agent "scheda 3"; we can, therefore, guarantee security checks on the goods we send.



We only work with qualified and reliable carriers, to guarantee our customers a punctual and efficient service.